stylebug - Stroller leather handle covers for Bugaboo, Stokke and other brands
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Our product range

We make your stroller an eye-catcher. unique. colorful. classy.

Choose your favorite from our wide range of leather colors or find a match for your strollers fabric set.
By choosing stitching, zip or lacing cord in contrast colors you can customize your stroller leather lace-up covers, zip covers, bag hooks, strap covers and visor even more.

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Free of harmful substances

All components used for creating our products are certified tested free of harmful substances.

Leather care included

A beeswax balm is included for free in every stylebug order, for optimal leather care.

Leather samples

Our sample card will help you choose the perfect leather color for your stroller.

Worldwide Delivery

We already have customers from all around the globe and are happy to ship our products worldwide to wherever you live.

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Feedback from customers


Vielen Dank für den tollen Schoner zum selbst schnüren!
Hier das Ergebnis 🙂


Thanks for your help, the color is the best one!
I'm lovin it!


Johanna is my most favorite supplier for any item needed for my Bugaboo Cam or other baby prams - she did a very nice individual set for my Phil&Teds Promenade as well then when I got my 4th child and thought I need a sibbling pram - well finally got back to my Bugaboo Cam model, but I could sell my Phil&Teds very fast due to the seat covers made by Johanna. Johanna has style and she has knowledge to sew very exactly - all fits well and she is a great source of advice, what works on which Cam model and how. I do have 2-3 seat covers and roof covers, a muff, a leather lace-up and love them all.